Understanding Academia (university colleges)

Lesson Objectives:

  1. The students will be able to discuss and examine Academia
  2. The students will be able to discuss reliable sources of information.
  3. The students will be able to discuss other schools of knowledge (military, trades, crafts)

Where do you go for information? How do you know what to trust as reliable information?

What is academia? Why is Harvard so cool?



  • research and study
  • higher education
  • archiving and collecting
  • rendering of skills

Reliable sources of information:

  • Magazines: discover, Scientific American, National Geographic, Nature, Science, and Medical Research journals
  • academic servers and search engines,
  • nonfiction books by professors or with footnotes and bibliographies
  • Credible newspapers and agencies: CNN, NPR, Wallstreet Journal, New York Times
  • Library archives


  • Understanding the institution is a large part of getting the most out of it-get with peers, professors, organizations
  • Many people have confusion about this issue and it distorts their understanding of knowledge-US low in science
  • You should understand what you intend to participate in.
  • Maybe its not what you want. Other options!

Other options.

  • tech school-electronics, computers, communications
  • trades-plumbing, carpentry,
  • craftsman-specialties and customizing
  • military-learn a skill, get college money, officer vs enlisted
  • entrepreneur-start a business with or without a degree, haircuts, landscaping, websites
  • combining skills of craftsman with trade or tech with trades or with academia
  • all require knowledge and skills from learning

As a young person, how do you know what is available for career?

jobs pics.jpg



SPEND THE NEXT 4 YEARS learning the basic foundations of your interest.
read books, watch videos, go to meetings or places with like minded people and enjoy doing it.