Drawing the timeline. Draw the basic time line using my model. Using descriptors, Zoom out Zoom in. Timeline in film and learning about cycles using the timeline (art flourishes where society flourishes). Make thumbnail sketches along timeline.
Use the internet allow student to look up something along timeline that is important.

Research, post, and discuss indigenous cultures of the world and make mask or other projects.
Why do we wear mask?

Research, post, and discuss the Renaissance and draw using a full range of value and linear perspective.
How do our ideas of beauty and science come from the Renaissance?

Research, post, and discuss art is the the USA.
How has America influenced the entire world through art?

My favorite era Surrealism. Dreams, psychology, and the subconscious mind.
How did a psychologist change art without making art?

Pick your place or time and research, post, and discuss they design a project to make.

Game to identify art using descriptors.

Art debate

Art test. Look at a picture and tell me its relationship to art history and style and describe the use of principles and elements of art.