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Do not look at the world through a bamboo shoot.

Visualization Script.
To begin this meditation, find a comfortable position in an environment free of distractions. Loosen any tight clothing, and adjust your position until you are comfortable.

To begin the relaxation process, imagine that you are at the top of a stairway. At the bottom of the stairway is a a place you want to be because it makes you happy.

Take note of how you are feeling right now, at the top of the stairway.

Take a deep breath in... and out.

Breathe in.... and out.
Way at the bottom of the stairway you can see a door. It is golden and glows in the distance and when you look at it makes you happy and you smile.

Take another deep breath... and relax as you exhale.

Keep breathing slowly and deeply, remembering to exhale fully between each breath.
Look down at your feet and see the shoes you are wearing today and picture your feet in your shoes standing at the stairway.


Imagine taking a step down the stairway... a single step closer to the golden door.

Further descend the stairway, going down toward the golden door.... down.... down.... to a state of happiness.

Picture yourself going slowly down the stairway, one step at a time. It is a comfortable, safe descent to a place of happiness. Move down step by step, at your own pace, becoming more and more relaxed with each step you take. Take another step down.... and another....You pause and see the door is much closer. Its golden and glowing and when you see it you feel joy and happiness, because you know there is something waiting for you behind that door. You breathe in and breathe out relaxing deeper then continue walking down the stairway toward the golden glowing door of joy and happiness.

Take another step down.... and another.... getting happier with each step. Picture your feet as you walk down the stairway at your own pace.
You look up and you are at the door. It is golden and it is glowing. You feel safe, happy and joyful at your arrival to the door. You look at your feet at the door. Breathe in and Breathe out, then you lift your hand to the door knob and open the door.
You see an auditorium full of people and there is a podium on the stage and with some you talking.
Suddenly your are sitting in the auditorium next to your friends. You look at them and they at you and everyone ios smiling. You have on a cap and gowm. Now they call your name. You rise and walk toward the stage. The people who love and people who don’t even know you are cheering and you are so happy. You walk up the stage careful not to trip, you nervous and excited and happy all at once and you walk over to the podium and they hand you a rooled up paper and shake your hand. Youget your diploma and walk to the other side of the stage and down the stairs and your are so relieved and so happy. You did it. You are a high school graduate.

Take a few more moments to meditate on the idea of graduating and the absolute joy you feel at your first great accomplishment.
Now it is time to conclude your visualization experience, while keeping with you a the feeling of graduation day.

Imagine that you are at the bottom of a stairway. At the top of the stairway is a state of alert and calm. With each step up, you become more and more awake.

Picture yourself beginning to ascend the stairway. Taking a step up, becoming slightly more awake, more alert.

Take another step up, and another, feeling your body and mind reawaken more and more with each step.

Continue up the stairway, nearing the middle of the stairway. Becoming more awake. More alert. Feeling your energy increasing, flowing through your body.

Climb further up the stairway, another stair, and another, more awake with each one. Nearing the top of the stairway. Only three steps left before you reach your usual level of awareness, feeling calm yet alert and energized.

Three.... two..... one.