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Ellen Ochoa first female Mexican Astronaut----- Stephen Curry one of worlds best athletes

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Leonardo Da Vinci one of the greatest artist and inventor
Mr. Deeter
Expectations of Art Class
I expect students to start and end class without being told what to do.
At the beginning be in your seat ready to
  • answer questions from the board
  • read from the board
  • use your supplies
  • work on your art work
  • 3 minutes including instruction
At the end
  • do your assigned job
  • be in your seat waiting for inspection and dismissal (last period)
  • 3 minutes including dismissal
I expect you to ask your table for help, then the teacher, if you do not know what to do.
I expect you to stay quiet and listen during instruction or lecture.
I expect you to raise your hand and wait your turn for questions and comments during discussions.
I expect you to stay in your assigned seat/table.
I expect you to do your assigned job and art work.
I expect you to get along and treat each other with respect and kindness.
I expect you to treat my supplies with respect.
I expect you to move and behave safely.
I expect you to treat me with respect and that includes complaining.
I expect you to do all of these expectations even when there is a sub.
Consequences for wrong choices:
  • No blue jay buck
  • Write up
  • Parent Call
  • repeated problems or acts of extreme disrespect or dangerous behavior will result in removal and/or immediate parental contact
Teacher Expectations
Students should expect to be treated fairly, respectfully, and kindly.
Students should expect to learn relevant material.
Students should expect to have different kinds of lessons and experiences with art.
Student should expect to be able to ask questions or for help, if necessary.
Students should expect to learn important skills.

Art Room Jobs/Duties

1-hand out and collect art supplies
2-check the floor at end of class for paper and supplies, sweep if necessary
3-clean trash off table/spray and wipe if necessary
4-hand out and collect student art
3 min. beginning and instruction
10 min. art working
3 min. fact break
15 min. art working
3 min. fact break
10 min. work
3min. end and dismissal

official time keeper
table leaders

Be Safe
  • Keep hands,feet, objects to yourself
  • no play fighting or chasing
  • sit correctly in your chair
  • stay in your seat except for stations and duties
  • move safely through the room

Be Kind
  • Follow adult directions
  • Use kind words and actions
  • Respect rights and property of school and students
  • Use appropriate school language and behavior
  • Raise your hand and WAIT to be called on
  • Listen to teacher or any speakers (including other classmates)
Be Responsible
  • Follow school rules
  • Be honest
  • Keep area and class clean
  • Follow directions and procedures the FIRST time
  • Stay on task
  • Do your best everyday






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The Knights Oath
I will hold knowledge and creativity in high regard.
I will be safe for myself and others.
I will be kind to everyone.
I will be responsible at home and at school.
When I make mistakes I will own up and apologize.


The Knights Oath K-2
I will do my best work.
I will be safe.
I will be kind .
I will be responsible.
When I make mistakes I will apologize.


We need to go from a mess!
art mess_2029.jpg

To an organized and clean classroom.

Art Supplies.JPG

What does clean and organized look like?